Home Trends for 2019

The New Year has arrived and with it new trends in home design and décor.  Whether you are a first-time buyer or renovating, the options for 2019 are exciting.  Sustainability, eco-conscious, and wider doors and halls are among the most frequent requests of homebuyers. These buyers are in luck! This year’s design trends are exciting because they easily allow sustainability while incorporating eco-conscience materials.  And, wider doors and halls are making it easier for new homeowners and renovators who are looking to age in place. Here are more exciting new trends.

Open concept living is very popular.  If the heart of the home is the kitchen then consumers should be aware that spacious custom kitchens with large islands leading into the family area or a dining room area are as popular as ever, thus allowing for ease in entertaining.   A popular trend in kitchen cabinets is to customize cabinetry with beveled or designer glass. Countertop trends include quartz and granite. Copper accents are also popular in the kitchen this year.

An open floor plan is a popular design trend.

Welcome back the “Sunroom”.  This trend is hot this year. Sunrooms are becoming a favorite for remodelers as well as new homeowners seeking to bring the outside in.  The popularity of large windows and natural building elements such as stone floors offer a relaxing view and provide homeowners the opportunity to have an additional multipurpose room.  

The home office is still the trend.  Homeowners that need an independent schedule or are self-employed are looking to have a home office that allows them to stay focused and productive.   Popular décor for the home office this year is mainstreamed and minimal. This minimalistic streamlined look seems to be popular because it allows a neat live work unit with no distractions.

What’s popular in the bathroom this year?  Whether remodeling or a new build it is the tankless water heater.  The tankless water heater is in demand because it allows instantaneous hot water as needed.    There are two distinct advantages to the tankless water heater. The first is the life expectancy of twenty plus years.   The second is low energy costs. The tankless water heater offers sustainability and is eco-friendly which fits into the consumer wish list. Other trends for the bathroom are custom mirrors and frameless shower doors.  Choices of hardware trending for the new year are black and champagne finishes.

Sunrooms and covered porches bring the outdoors in.

Interior design trends include accent walls of brick, reclaimed wood, and splashes of color.  These feature walls allow customization and bring personality into the home. Neutral tones are still popular color choices that spotlight the accent walls.   Dramatic fireplaces, wooden beams, and natural building elements for flooring are also popular. Organic finishes such as bamboo and natural paints are being used by eco-friendly consumers.  Vintage and artistic mood lighting in the home is also a great way for homeowners to personalize while adding whimsical touches.

Popular home furnishings include luxurious velvet fabrics, tonal reds, and black and white décor.  The color choices of black and white offer a sense of balance and boldness. Antique mirror and vintage brass fixtures are also popular.

Ready to build? Remodel? Redecorate? We’ll help you through the process in this year’s print issues of BSAVVY Magazine where we’ll introduce you to quality builders, master craftsmen, designers, and landscapers. 2019…It’s an exciting time to build and remodel!

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