Supply/Demand: Music & Art Movement Continue in Downtown Fort Smith

Music and Art Experience, Supply / Demand, take over The Bakery District in Downtown Fort Smith during Thanksgiving Weekend

FORT SMITH, Ark (Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017) – Supply / Demand is a Music and Art Experience that will take over The Bakery District (Formerly The Shipley Baking Company) on November 25, 2017, starting at 7:00 PM. Supply / Demand will benefit the newly opened Riverview Hope Campus. Guests are encouraged to bring items listed below to donate to the Hope Campus.

In exchange for the donation of items, guests will receive a ticket for a raffle held at the end of the evening. Items needed: Canned Food, Winter Coats, Toiletries. Specific Items needed at HOPE Campus: 34-gallon trash bags, Masking Tape, Coffee Cups, Black Sharpie Markers, 100-Cup Coffee Urn, Locker locks that have two keys, Mailboxes, Folders, Pens, Pencils, Message Pads.

The evening will begin at 7:00 PM with Vinyl DJ, CARTE BLANCHE. Artists; Buffalawrt, Lucas Wisner, and J. Minor will have works and installations displayed while guests enjoy wine and beer options. At 9:00 PM guests will be encouraged to make their way to the main stage where musicians; WetheSoul, Escape Tones, Space4Lease, and headliner, Brother Moses will play from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM. VIP Guests are invited to stay for a late-night after-party featuring a special guest DJ, from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

There are two ticket types available, General Admission ($10) and VIP ($40). General Admission Guests will receive admittance to the event (7:00 PM-12:00 AM) and have access to a cash beer and wine bar. VIP Guests will receive priority parking, private entrance, VIP Only Lounge with Cash Liquor Bar, Complimentary Beer and Wine, Complimentary Appetizers, a private Art Experience, and access to the late-night party with a special guest DJ. All guests will have access to food trucks from 6:30 PM-9:00 PM.

More information and tickets are available at the link below. Ticket purchases are encouraged prior to the event.  


About Riverview HOPE Campus

HOPE Campus is the only campus-model, homeless prevention & management nonprofit organization in the State of Arkansas. By offering comprehensive services that address our clients’ needs in a myriad of ways, HOPE Campus increases the likelihood that they will succeed on their path toward self-sufficiency. By offering a hand up, not a hand out, HOPE Campus’ client-centered approach to rendering services encourages active participation on the part of the case management team and the client, by voicing their needs, goals, and hindrances. All of our services are guided by our Four Pillars of HOPE: Homeless Prevention & Management, Healthcare & Nutrition, Mental Health & Addiction, and Educating Families. Though every case plan differs, they all align with the four programs offered at HOPE Campus.

HOPE Campus is a 501(c)3 organization that is open to anyone in need, for free. Included in our 40,000 square-foot, newly-renovated facility is a library, classroom, laundry room, dentist office, hair salon, community room, overnight dormitory, kitchen, cafeteria, dog kennel, veterinary office, men’s and women’s showers, and a Mercy Clinic. We estimate serving over 112,000 meals in a 12-month period and offering over 38,225 combined nights of rest to our 105 clients.

About Buffalawrt

Nate Meyers is a painter and sculptor in Fort Smith, AR. Most works are acrylic or spray on canvas. He primarily focuses on geometric abstraction and “hard edge” paintings–heavily influenced by Frank Stella’s irregular polygon series of the 1960s. His work also deals with illusory space/”op-art” and color field theory. The paintings also have a sculptural element, where the space is manipulated by joining 2 or more canvases together. Most recently, he designed a tape art installation space in the Windgate Art and Design Theatre at UAFS. He also collaborated with Felipe Pantone designing and building a skatepark installation at the Unexpected festival this past summer.

About Lucas Wisner

Lucas Wisner is a young artist based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He was raised by a school teacher and a police officer. He works with watercolor, screen printing, acrylic, aerosol, and ink using a variety of different techniques for each medium. His works often consist of images associated with anarchism, love, death, sex, drugs, religion, and southern mysticism. The paintings all come with their own sense of desperation as if the act itself of making the art helped draw a conclusion in a life-or-death situation. He is a tattoo apprentice at Fort City Tattoo and the drummer in his southern rock band Craccrocc. He is unsure of future artistic pursuits aside from tattooing, but he is positive he’ll have to make art in some form for the rest of his life in order to enjoy it.

About J. Minor

J. minor is an illustrator, idealist, and storyteller who draws heaviest inspiration from artists such as Beatrix Potter, John Campbell, Chris Ware, Roman Muradov, Jean Giraud, David Foster Wallace, family, and friends. The relentless drive to fill empty space with proof of human life is caused, in part, by a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder that Dr. Janice Krasnow, of the OCD clinic at Johns Hopkins, referred to as debilitating. with a penchant for unreliable narrators, sensory phenomena, and magical realism, minor hopes to encourage self-led exploration down cognitive stairwells and alleyways using limited, accessible, and universal visual means. without the luxuries of formal education or training, minor focuses instead on the values and representation of honesty, philosophy, sustainability, growth, and communication.


Carte Blanche is an all vinyl collective DJ based in Oklahoma City, OK., Specialize in spinning rare disco, funk, soul, afrobeat and deep house records.

About WetheSoul

WetheSoul is an R&B Soul/HipHop affiliation creating an outlet for music, art, and fashion. Producer, Grant Thomas, and Lyricist, Marcus Matthew have come together to promote love, inspiration, and positivity through their musical endeavors.

About Escape Tones

Escape Tones is a jazz fusion trio from the River Valley area in Arkansas consisting of vocals, keyboards, bass and drums/percussion. Keyboardist and singer Nick McFarland draws the soul out from under the rhythms of bassist Logan Dooly and drummer Jeremy Trobaugh. Our original music is both instrumental and vocal fusing modal jazz, electro-funk, and neo-soul.

About Space4Lease

SPACE4LEASE is a psychedelic indie-rock band, ready to lure you in and wash over you with waves of musical seduction. Inspired by lost love, the grace of the unknown, and inevitable life experiences, their music is full of soul-leaning vocals, intricate guitar melodies, expressive bass lines, and eloquent drum patterns, all driven by frontman Grayson Hamm’s tasteful piano playing. Formed out of Oklahoma City, OK, the four-piece sound draws influence from artists such as Tame Impala, My Morning Jacket, and upcoming artists like Big Thief, and Andy Shauf. They pride themselves in remaining elusive to the confines of any one genre and have worked hard at developing their own musical identity and sonic aesthetic.

The story of SPACE4LEASE originated in 2014 when keyboardist Grayson Hamm met the other members while attending the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. Coming from vastly different musical backgrounds and tastes, the group formed, as a unique convergence of influences. They released their first EP Hiraeth in November 2016, a collection of songs encompassing a journey of self-discovery. Buoyed by a blossoming local music scene, the band quickly became known in the Oklahoma region and have toured extensively throughout the Midwest. Derek Brown of The Flaming Lips described them as, “Fellow Okies that wonderfully mix the blissfulness and melancholy of the great wide open. Highly recommended!” With the fantastical glamour of psychedelic pop influences, but enough grit and grime of grounded originality, SPACE4LEASE is like no other in their blend of refreshingly authentic and enticing music that will draw you close, and hold you tight.

About Brother Moses

From Fayetteville, AR – We’ve been making music since we were babies. We’ve gotten much better since then. We promise.

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Colleen Perry

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