Boosting Confidence, One Hair at a Time

What comes to mind when you think of a great salon experience? Do you want to look like that magazine picture? Do you feel unpretty and want to feel more self confident? Do you need to rant and vent and you know you’ll get a listening ear from your stylist?

When you think of a great salon experience, whatever comes to mind is the right answer. Some people go to get a simple trim, while others may want a complete make over. Whether you have an upcoming job interview, a life event, or simply want to look your best, it can start in the chair at a salon.

Looking your best is an invitation for good things to happen. You feel better about yourself, have more self confidence, walk with your chin held a little higher, and become more appealing to others. Your confidence goes a long way in making a positive first impression.

For the women

Let’s say you are going for a job interview. Your hair is styled to that perfect cut you saw in a business magazine. Color and highlights revive your once tired looking hair. Your brows are waxed with the perfect arch. For the finishing touch your makeup is flawless. You feel like a million bucks, right? You walk out of the salon feeling great, attractive, and confident. You carry these same feelings into your interview.

Confidence is appealing to others. With your chin held high, feeling your best, exuding confidence, you make a statement about yourself. To a prospective boss or client, pride in appearance conveys the message that you take pride in your work. A trip to a salon can provide you with the outer appearance that matches your inner confidence.

For the men

Men typically have a more matter-of-fact attitude towards grooming. But the same grooming advice holds true. The fact that you take time to go for that fresh trim, clean shave and manicured nails shows that you take your appearance seriously. A prospective client or boss is likely to assume that you will take your commitment to job excellence with equal seriousness.

Appearances matter

How we present ourselves is a sure indication to others as to how we perform on the job. Unkept grooming leaves a bad first impression, and there will be no chance for a re-do. An hour or two at a great salon can be well worth the time and the money. It is an investment in your future. Good grooming is good marketing.

Your boss might be laid back. But any boss will surely want you to show up for work making an appearance that says you take your work seriously and will put forth your best efforts. Failure to manage your personal appearance could be holding you back from the job you’ve been wanting.

Make an honest assessment as you look yourself in a mirror. Do you look confident? Do you look competent? Does your appearance reflect your work standards? If all the answers are “yes” you’re good to go. If any answer is “no” it’s time to call your favorite salon or barber. The most important investment you’ll ever make will be in your own success. One hair at a time…boost your confidence and professional appearance. Let others know you are comfortable with who you are and serious about the quality work you produce.


Michelle Amos is an inspiring hair and makeup artist specializing in color. Her goal is to bring out the individual beauty in each of her clients – helping them to look and feel their best. She works at Vanity Calls Salon, 3514 Country Club. Call 479-652-6963 for an appointment.

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