Pedal to the Medal

Of all the exciting new things you can do this summer, we have a bit of a throwback, with a wicked twist. Remember when you learned to ride a bike?

They say you never forget. Well it’s time to put that old saying to the test, with a new challenge. If you enjoy two-wheeled fun, mountain biking may be the
sport for you.

“Mountain biking is the only sport that I can do that forces me not to think about anything else. You have to focus on the three feet in front of you.” Says Rham Cunningham, a mountain biking champion here in Fort Smith. Rham is the epitome
of hard work, dedication, and achievement.

He attributes his passion for mountain biking in helping him to physically change his image. Rham balances work, family, countless hobbies, (which include acting, comedy, music, community volunteerism) with…biking.

Mountain biking is good for you physically and mentally. The sport helps you to stay in shape while clearing your mind all at once. If you are a naturally competitive person, then this is the perfect sport! There are numerous options for races, clubs, events, and even apps to prove yourself within the biking community.

State parks and campgrounds are great places to find a mountain bike race. Or, maybe you could look into the Phat Tire Festival. Joining a biking club can help you get discounts on gear as well as transportation to some events. Getting to be a part of that
group of people can be a big plus.

But, you don’t have to wait for a race or special event to be competitive. Check out the app Strava. It allows you to mark the trails you’ve biked as well as your times. Then your friends can get out on the trail and give it their best shot to beat your time. The race is on and competition thrives at your convenience!

Mountain biking is an amazing opportunity to get outside and get some exercise this summer. Remember to be prepared, and be safe by wearing your helmet. If you are riding at night, invest in a headlamp for visibility. For leisure or for competition, mountain biking is a sport for all ages. Don’t miss your opportunity to ride big and ride tall on any terrain. And remember, as Rham Cunningham always says, “Love Fort Smith Out Loud!”

Colleen Perry

Colleen Perry has spent more than 20 years in the publishing industry. Prior to co-founding BSavvy Magazine in late 2015, she spent 10 years in the yachting industry where she developed effective advertising campaigns within the marine industry of high-end yacht builders. It was during this time that she began to realize the value of a publication that offered relevant and timely advertiser-driven content.

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