Teaching Your Way to Success

You are expert at what you do. And the general public is hungry for information. Put the two together, and you have a valuable way to promote your business.

Hold a teaching session at your place, or offer to teach your subject at organizational meetings, senior centers, and elsewhere. Put your thinking cap on, and you’ll come up with more than you want to do.

Wellness — An expert in Reiki holds regular classes in both beginner and advanced sessions. This is in addition to offering Reiki sessions privately to clients. These classes result in extending the interest in Reiki in the area, and it brings more referrals and clients.

Social media — A computer expert does animation, cartooning, web design, and the intricacies of social media. She decides to hold classes at her place, showing people how to use social media. Many business people attend the sessions, and they learn ways to promote using social media. This has brought new clients for the other services offered.

Farming — A dairy farmer turns his milk production into yogurt and specialty cheeses. Twice each year he offers extended classes in yogurt and cheese making. These are popular and are always filled. This hands-on teaching activity extends his marketing reach throughout the area–and brings in extra income.

Pottery — A potter holds classes in her studio. She schedules both one time and on-going classes for both beginners and advanced students. These are priced accordingly, but the classes usually fill up, and she maintains a waiting list. The full schedule goes on all year. This promotes the sale of the potter’s works.

Teaching others can extend your marketing reach and bring you more clients. Attendees will pass the word around. And you use social media to do your advertising.

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