As Larry and I get ready to leave for vacation, our friends ask, “Are you going to the island?” They know it is our escape, our little piece of paradise. We leave our home in Fort Smith and we are on the beach 4 to 5 hours later.

It was January 2009 when Wes and a partner opened Jim’s Razorback Pizza on Old Greenwood Rd. Just around the corner from Southside High School, the pizzeria is convenient for after-game gatherings. 

Much hand-wringing accompanies today’s discussions about education. Kids don’t learn enough reading, writing and arithmetic. Drop-out rates are too high. Colleges are turning out graduates who cannot find jobs. Companies cannot find qualified applicants. 

I’m 25 years old, looking back to being 5. My single mom was taking college classes, I was in kindergarten and getting ready for my first dance recital. Life was good. Then, mom met Joe.

Throughout Arkansas and the River Valley the days shorten as brisk autumn air paints the landscape. Our natural state is vibrant in brilliant hues of red, yellow, and orange--showcasing a unique perspective and season. This is the season I love, and the place I call home.

In the past few years Buy Local campaigns, sometimes referred to as Shop Local, have emerged across the country. With the advent of the holidays, these campaigns take on an even greater economic meaning. Before going further let’s define what I mean by “local.”

48 Hrs: A picture story of a September weekend in Downtown Fort Smith. Experience the WOW! Of the UnExpected.

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And the Winner Is...

Candise Montemayor

When B-Savvy invited Ft. Smith Future School students to submit artwork for the 4th quarter issue it was with a little bit of trepidation and a handful of "what ifs." But, we wanted a holiday cover that would be fresh, creative and original. Fifteen-year-old Jarred Hurlocker delivered all of those elements with his submission. Read more here.


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Sowing the Seeds of Swag

Royce Fitzgerald

How many stress balls, key chains, letter openers, pens or coffee mugs do you have? We all enjoy those odd little goodies

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Chukwukere Ekeh: Confident

Lara Millican

Chukwukere Ekeh grew up in Little Rock with three brothers. Growing up, he dreamed of being an executive in a corner office with big windows offering a panoramic view.

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