One of the most popular questions I receive is How much is my business worth? There is no simple answer to that question.

According to this Huffington Post – UK article, computer users lose about 130 hours a year in productivity due to inefficient computers. Besides the loss in productivity, the research indicates that computer downtime is one of the 7 most stressful events in life. Not just work-life, but everything-life.  

Every business owner keeps a keen eye on threats coming at the business from the outside. It’s a long list. Owners watch out for the changing marketplace, new competition, falling sales, expiring leases, new regulations, and other outside threats.

Customer service is simple...make eye contact and smile. Let your customer know they are important and appreciated!

Small business growth occurs because of a conscious decision on the part of the small business owner. How do you assess the viability of adding new products and services to attract a larger consumer demographic?


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