Located on the outskirts of the Arkansas River, Fort Smith’s Farmers Market on Garrison Avenue is attended by many of these local farmers.

This is big! One of the changes announced is a new opportunity for local businesses to advertise on Google.com and Google Maps. Now, if you are a local advertisers using location extensions, you get more 

Unfortunately we’ve all witnessed the downfall of one business or another. Maybe it was your own, maybe someone else’s. Either way it’s difficult to watch. Even if not directly involved each of us inwardly 

Currently undergoing restoration here is a 1948 Cadillac. “Sometimes, people want the original look, but they want power and efficiency (under the hood),” she said. They come to D & D because it is known 

Fort Smith Future School has students, parents and business owners excited and engaged as our community rethinks high school. It's a concept that has created a sizable media stir. A high school designed by students...for students? What does that look like? And what does that mean to the business community?

Women diagnosed with breast cancer face a harrowing journey. The times are scary, calling for understanding, compassion--and help with what’s ahead. “I know what to expect because I’ve been through it myself,” said Bev Ramsey. She has experienced the surgery, mastectomy and post-surgery problems, chemotherapy, radiation and the lymphedema that can follow.


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