Hope’s Creek: Where Love Abides

by: Misty Lewis

Age has somewhat dimmed the memory of specific events and dates. But, that is of little consequence, their hearts remember those years. When asked about their marriage, Imogene says, “Our marriage never had troubles.” Joe will admit to a spat or two along the way. Both will say without hesitation, “We’ve had a good life together.” And it’s true.

In January, after Imogene recovered from a fall in which she broke her shoulder, the Richardsons moved out of their Fort Smith home into an apartment at Hope’s Creek Retirement in Van Buren. Here, you can find them strolling the grounds, hand in hand. Occasionally stopping to steal a kiss.

July 12, 2002. That’s the date the Hightower family embarked on the adventure that would lead to the building of Hope’s Creek Retirement Living. The facility was founded by its namesake Ashleigh Hope Hightower, along with her brother Garrett, parents Todd and Lori and grandparents David and Pat.

Nestled in a hollow on Fayetteville Road, the facility makes its home on the Van Buren outskirts. An artfully landscaped entrance portrays the mission, “The Good Life Starts Here.” Each day is spent offering a level of care that embraces that goal for each resident.

Hope’s Creek Retirement Living is currently home to more than 90 residents. The facility’s licensure is Medicaid certified, although it also accepts Assisted Living Private Pay as well as VA aid – all of which allows a broad range of seniors accesses to a quality life.

Call 479-471-1900 to schedule a tour of the facility located at 2505 Fayetteville Road, Van Buren. Visit hopescreek.com for more information.


Story by Misty Lewis, Administrator, Hope’s Creek Retirement Living. Contact by email: mlewis@hopescreek.com