Chukwukere Ekeh: Confident

Chukwukere Ekeh grew up in Little Rock with three brothers. Growing up, he dreamed of being an executive in a corner office with big windows offering a panoramic view.

And then, as he kept seeing Air Jordan television commercials, he realized he wanted to work in marketing.

Ekeh graduated Little Rock’s Central High with full academic and basketball scholarships as well as the Chancellor’s Leadership scholarship to the University of Arkansas Fort Smith (UAFS). He played basketball at UAFS for two years and participated in the campus mentor program where he met and was mentored by Bill Hanna of Hanna Oil and Gas.

Through Hanna’s connections, Ekeh got an internship at Citizen’s Bank in 2014. He was offered a full time job in the spring of 2015 after graduating UAFS. By the end of the year he had been promoted to a position┬áthat allows him to design and create the marketing for Citizen’s Bank.

While attending UAFS,Ekeh was very involved on campus. He credits those experiences for the skills he learned. Skills such as team work and creative thinking. He learned when to step up versus step back in leadership. These skill sets have served him well in his professional role.

As to the corner office with the big windows? He still looks forward to that symbol of success. In fact, he’d like to be a millionaire one day. However, the word “money” does not factor into his personal definition of success. For Ekeh success is “daily…being able to pursue my passions with the people I love…Constantly seeking the greatest good of others, and striving to be the best version of myself.”

He wants to be in a role that allows him to help others while allowing himself to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. He seeks opportunities to “do something incredible and impactful.”