Lessons Learned: Get Ready for Success!

by: Al Warr


Get ready. The coming months of 2016 can spell the difference between success and failure. It’s up to you and the market you serve.

Any small business can promote itself by partnering with other local businesses. Two businesses come together to hold open houses, informational meetings, workshops and other gatherings. These attract more attention than either acting alone.

Informal gatherings are popular with the public. Especially when they are free. People are hungry for how-to information. They want to ask their questions and get answers from people who know. And maybe a cup of coffee or tea.

No, that’s not a mistake. You’ve learned many lessons. Now is the time to get busy and apply what you’ve learned to the 2016 year.

Technology is coming at us like a tidal wave. And leading the tsunami is social media–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and all the rest.

Get ready. The coming months of 2016 can spell the difference between success and failure. It’s up to you and the market you serve.


Beauty — Amy operates a popular hair salon. She’s noticed that her customers are getting older. She wants to continue serving them, but she sees the need to appeal to the younger set. She began posting fresh hair designs on social media. These got “likes” and passed around among friends. Amy’s business is growing by appealing to a wider market segment. She is planning to put up a series of pictures on Pinterest showing hands working to create the new designs.


Health — Joe is a chiropractor. He needs to expand his client base, so he brought in a nutritionist for free sessions. Joe promoted these on social media and this drew people hungry for information on food, weight problems, and healthy eating. It has turned into a powerful promotional tool for Joe’s chiropractic practice. At the nutritional sessions, Joe provides short demonstrations on chiropractic. And he regularly promotes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Restaurants — Marie runs an upscale restaurant. To appeal to a wider customer base, she posts pictures of specials and mouth-watering entrees on social media every day. Some are for lunches, others are for dinners. To punch up the operation again, Marie arranged for an app for her restaurant. Today, people can access and order their meals while driving to the restaurant. When they arrive, the meals are ready for diners to sit down and enjoy.

Social media offers a quick and easy way to expand your customer base. If you already use Facebook, what about the others? All of social media is quick and for the most part, it’s free!


by Al Warr

Over the past 40+ years, Al has founded, operated, grown and expanded several small businesses. He knows the acid burn in his stomach when the cash flow stops flowing. For 10 years, Al headed the Business Owners Institute in New Jersey. Helped over 2,000 business owners work through problems. Currently, he writes a daily Free blog HelpMySmallBusiness.Blogspot.com. In his spare time, Al has written over a dozen books–find them online at Amazon.com/Kindle.


Colleen Perry
Colleen Perry

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