Sowing the Seeds of Swag

by: Royce Fitzgerald

How many stress balls, key chains, letter openers, pens or coffee mugs do you have? We all enjoy those odd little goodies called “specialty items”, and some people even have display cases for their favorite collection.

This passion for the unusual is exactly why you should consider adding branded specialty items to your promotional toolbox. Often left on the desktop or passed around the office, these seeds can reach various people at different times, which increases your brand visibility and longevity. And who doesn’t want that?

Although these items are not free, they can be a good investment. Usually they are given away at trade shows, new business meetings, community events, etc. Sometimes it’s a great idea to include them in an important direct mail effort. However you decide to distribute them, they are a good way for people to remember your brand when they need your service or product.

There are thousands of items from which to choose but don’t be overwhelmed. Think about your audience and what items they could regularly use. Narrow your selection to items that make good sense for your market but also somehow relate to what your products or services. If you build shipping containers and your target audience is the trucking industry then giving away guitar picks with your logo probably would not be effective, but maybe a key chain would. Think outside the box.

So consider sowing some seeds of swag. They could some day grow into valuable business relationships.

With over 30 years of experience in the advertising and design industry, Fitzgerald currently owns and operates Four Leaf Creative, Inc. (FLC) in Fort Smith, AR. Since 2006 FLC has been serving a wide variety of clients locally and nationally.