Entrepreneurs: A Special Breed

Entrepreneurs. They are mysterious and they are adventurous. They know that failure is possible, but they cannot and will not allow fear to hold them back. They take their ideas and plans forward with confidence on the wings of their dreams.

Driven by purpose and goals, they expose themselves to the economy–be it feast or famine. They tackle the marketplace with their wares, services, supplies, food, whatever. Their gifts and talents and skills propel them into the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs have the idea, the sure belief that this (whatever this is) they can do. They believe they can succeed. They sow and reap a harvest that sustains their business, employees, and family. Though frequently alone in their efforts, they cultivate and become part of the community tribe of entrepreneurs.

What are you doing these days?

Old friends, family, former neighbors and alumni sometimes pose a well-intentioned question.  Beaming with pride, the entrepreneur’s answer is without shame, I own my own business. Instinctively, owners offer their card.

With sweat and tears, rolled up shirtsleeves, fears real or imagined, they toil through troubles and a never-ending list of challenges. Their faces are frequently marked by wrinkled forehead furrows.

All entrepreneurs can be shaken, frightened and intimidated. But their passion for business comes from within and drives them day by day to get the work done. Their customers might be internet travelers stopping by the virtual store to purchase wares from far-away places. They might be tourists or local patrons. From wherever they come, the entrepreneur knows their value–and constantly strives to improve services and products to keep them coming back.

Now, what can I do?

Things can go awry with the business, or with personal challenges, or both. These are times that can try the entrepreneur’s soul. But from somewhere in the deep recesses of their being, they hear a whisper. I can do this, at this hour, on this day. Their confidence returns.

They know fear. They do not shrink from it. It becomes their friend, an awesome energy that pushes them over the finish line.

Whether entrepreneurs run a non-profit, art gallery, restaurant, daycare center, or store, they contribute dollars and cents to the local economy. Whether they are plumbers, or electricians. or engineers, they bring economic stability. These are the supporting pillars of the community, who, along with property owners, sustain the school districts, the libraries, the city administration, and the parks.

Entrepreneurs work with what they have from where they are. They are the backbone of communities. And together they comprise a global economy. Wherever they might be, entrepreneurs stand out, set apart in their own business right.

As today slips into yesterday, the entrepreneur lives the words of Goethe’s Faust:

“The glow retreats, done is the day of toil. It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring. Ah! That no wing can lift me from the toil. Upon its track to follow, follow soaring!”


Journalist, photo journalist, and marketeer for 25 years +, Mary Louise has a passion for using and borrowing words as a literary tool that leverages for business and personal success. She especially enjoys using her journalism skills as a marketing tool for clients. As a B-Savvy marketing representative, her goal is offer the best marketing program for both print and digital venues.