Google Announces Major Changes to Adwords

Last week, Google announced major changes to Adwords. These are not tweaks, but a fundamental change of direction. They have shifted their thinking, and mobile first is the focus. Previously, desktop was the focus, with configuration changes available to account for mobile. This is an exciting change that will allow advertisers to interact with their audience in a more timely manner.
This is big! One of the changes announced is a new opportunity for local businesses to advertise on and Google Maps. Now, if you are a local advertisers using location extens

ions, you get more prominent exposure, including browsing inventory, right on Google maps and when people search for specific products or services.

You can watch the full video (one hour) here:


Stephanie Nugent is the President of CyberSpyder Marketing Service, a local web design and internet marketing firm. In 2000, she had a dream: to use her talents to help small and medium-sized businesses claim their place on the world wide web. She and her team work hard to do just that for over 200 local clients.