Picture Promotions on Social Media

 The easiest way to hop onto social media is Facebook. Small businesses all over the country use Facebook to promote their products and services.

Facebook is the busiest destination for small businesses to get the word out in the world of the Internet–and passed around. There are others. Many businesses get good results using Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others.

The key is found in all those pictures you’ve been taking. Or those you will take once you get in the habit.

Gone are the days when you needed a professional photographer to take pictures. No longer. Those you take yourself are suitable for posting on social media.

Collectibles — Joe has a collectibles shop. He carries all sorts of things–board games, video games, sports memorabilia, vintage toys, LP albums of older music groups, and more. Every week Joe selects several items that recently arrived in his shop. He takes pictures and posts on his website and, more importantly, on social media. This reels in buyers from far and near, and they refer others to his website.

Bakery — Mike runs a bakery. He regularly snaps pictures of hands preparing a cake in stages. The pictures tell a story, and he posts these on Pinterest and Facebook. This has created lots of excitement among viewers, and they pass the pictures around to their friends. Using this approach, Mike gets more customers–walking in, calling, and visiting his website which has lots of pictures of bakery items.

Salon — Mary operates a hair and nail salon. She takes pictures of selected hair styles that have been created in her salon (no face pictures, just the stylings). Also, she takes pictures of hands showing new nail designs. She post on social media, and customers check out her posting on Facebook.

Therapist — Linda is a certified therapist, helping people overcome the problems in their lives. She helps with marriage problems, eating disorders, addictions, and more. To avoid ethical problems, she is limited in picture postings. She solved the problem by taking pictures of kittens and puppies and posting these on her Facebook page. These attract a great deal of attention and get passed around–which is the point. Calls come in requesting appointments.

All of these businesses have websites. But pictures on social media get quick eyeballs, and interested people go to the website for more information. You will notice more traffic on your website when you use pictures to attract attention on social media.